out.of.desk is my independent blog, which I someday plan to make more than that. The name came about while trying to find a username for my Instagram profile. Since out.of.office was taken and most of my photos were in the outdoors, I went with what seemed decent at the time, even if grammatically incorrect.

.. Me

I work in the technology industry in the Bay Area and have been living in the U.S since 2013. I hail from Shimoga, a little town in the south of India, close to Bengaluru, the Silicon Valley of India.

.. The Blog

Writing is one of the many things I want to get better at and with this blog, I hope to do more of it. If you have any feedback on my writing or thoughts on anything you find on this blog, feel free to write to me on my email below. Most of the writing that I do is a result of my reflection on the experiences as I navigate life, mixed with what I learn from reading, which covers a range of topics, mostly non-fiction.

.. The Journey

Moving from the college town of Columbus, Ohio to working in the Bay Area feels very similar to my journey from studying in Shimoga to working in Bengaluru. The similarity is not merely in the characterization of the places – town versus metro – but even in what they have to offer. One has simplicity, and authenticity, the other has opportunities for personal growth. The internal journey has been one of going back and forth, in pursuit of a healthy mix of both.

Reading the last line above out loud, it sounded like it made a small poem..

One has simplicity, and authenticity
The other has opportunities for growth
The internal journey has been one of going back and forth
In pursuit of a healthy mix of both

.. My Current Favorite Lines

Right now, chicks’ beaks are being burned off in factory farms.
Right now, raccoons are chewing off their paws to escape from steel-jaw traps.
Right now, millions of rabbits, mice, and other animals are being abused in laboratories.
Right now, animals in circuses are being beaten backstage.
So, write now!

From PETA’s guide to letter-writing

.. My Contact

Email: contact.outofdesk [at] gmail [dot] com

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